Welcome and thank you for volunteering your time and efforts to serve as an advisor to LeverageHER Club. As club advisor, you will have exciting opportunities to assist students in becoming life-long learners.

Over the course of the LeverageHER Club, students will work on activities that connect subjects, concepts and ideas outside of the classroom.

Throughout club workshops, students will be in small groups and rotate through various activities. Our goal is simple and quantifiable. By the end of the club season, (based on club members that attend every club workshop) 100% of all members will advance in employability, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

In order to achieve this goal we require the support the club site advisor/sponsor

In advance, We would like to thank each and every one of you who do all you can to support our club members. We have a wonderful and supportive community surrounding our LeverageHER Clubs and look forward to all of the amazing things that will happen during this club season

Thank you once again and welcome to LeverageHER Club!

EDUCATOR INQUIRY: Use the form to share information about the location you would like to start a LeverageHER Club

NEW ADVISORS: Use the password contained in the welcome email sent by Regional Director to login to the club advisor resources portal