LeverageHER Launch Awards


This award recognizes Founding Ambassador(s) annually who has:

  • Demonstrated outstanding leadership in the exchange of ideas, suggestions and recommendations on expanding the LeverageHER club/projects

    Nominations are judged on the overall impact on the school/community center and any local recognition that may have been brought to the school/community center


# Awarded: Founding LeverageHER Club Ambassador

Award Amount: $500

Submissions Accepted: November 15, 2019 - December 15, 2019

Nomination is made by: Nomination is made by: To be eligible to compete for this award, LeverageHER Club Founding Ambassadors must be nominated by their Club Advisor 

Use of Funds: To prepare Ambassador for college, career or personal growth

How many awards will be awarded: We anticipate awarding 1 to 5 awards based on the availability of funding