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What is a Workshop Portfolio? A workshop portfolio is a kick-starter into building a collection of ideas and content that shows what you’ve learned, what you know, what you can do and collaborated on. We provide exclusive coworking digital downloadable materials to guide in building club members workshop portfolio

How will the workshop portfolio help the club member?

  • Review knowledge and skills

  • Review and evaluate past experiences and learning

  • Increase personal confidence

  • Set career and education goals

  • Keep an ongoing record of skills and achievements

  • Identify areas that can be reviewed for future learning opportunities

How can the club member use the workshop portfolio? Over the course of club meetings members will participate in workshops to build portfolios. Club members can use workshop materials to:

  • Identify skills and ideas

  • Show examples of their work

  • Document activities and accomplishments

  • Monitor and adjust actions/plans

  • Contribute to expand workshop content

  • Explore post-high school options

  • Set future goals 

  • Develop a resume

  • Go from Beginner to Expert and become In-demand

  • Prepare for an interview

  • Review for future reference when gathering relevant information for building a personal or professional portfolio which provides a visual representation of member abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge and qualities

Club Members will engage in monthly coworking activities

  • Workshop #1  - October  

Focus: Startup Business

  • Workshop #2 - November

Focus: 2030 Inventions

  • Workshop #3 - December

Focus: Post-High School Road-map

  • Workshop #4 - January

Focus: Social Awareness Campaign

  • Workshop #5 - February

Focus: Unconventional Works

  • Workshop #6 - March

Focus: LeverageHER Month

Professional development and networking

  • Club members can make valuable connections and learn career-building skills

  • Share in an environment to collaborate, inspire, promote and support

Workshop coworking supplies (optional based on LeverageHER Club location rules, guidelines and availability)

  • Club members are encouraged to bring supplies to expand the workshop environment. We suggest that each club member bring personal supplies + shared supplies for other club members to use. The donated supplies should be arranged to allow for open use.

  • A list of suggested supplies will be available to review once student has club membership

Channel for online community building

  • We will offer an exclusive social media platform to support national club members peer-to-peer engagement. Club members connect in a positive social environment

Diverse, welcoming community

  • LeverageHER is a female-majority student-led club, that aims to provide a welcoming and caring environment, that promotes and reflects cultural and social diversity and is equally accessible to all. We ensure that the club’s recruitment policies and procedures are open, fair and non-discriminatory. All clubs are open to any and all students that may want to join  (Yes! Boys can totally join)

Friendship building

  • Friendships play a pivotal role in developing self-confidence, social skills and are known to have a positive impact on academic success. Workshop activities create an opportunity for club members to build authentic friendships

Member referral program (a directory of resources for personal + professional growth)

  • Club members will receive a directory listing of recommendations to expand personal + professional growth

Shared learning opportunities

  • Group networking is shared during workshop engagement which serves as an opportunity for club members to gain suggestions and feedback 

Leadership opportunities + training

  • Club members engage opportunities to expand leadership at all levels. We provide resources that develops 21st century skills

Professional skill-building

  • Our team building activities help club members collaborate in a group and work as a team to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Club workshop activities are cultivated to build lifelong learning and awareness

Resources for personal development 

  • Club members have access to extended materials to visualize their dreams and aspirations.

Note: Woodville-Tompkins Students have FREE MEMBERSHIP to the LeverageHER Club Canvas