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Dear future AMBASSADOR,

You will represent LeverageHER Club throughout your SENIOR year in High School 

Fill out the Future LeverageHER Ambassador request form and tell us a little more about yourself and where you would like to start a LeverageHER Club.

Before you do, read all the key information below. This will help you get started on learning more about building a LeverageHER Club.


We are eager to support your effort to start a LeverageHER Club by providing resources to help you succeed LeverageHER Ambassador Toolkit


Identify one or more faculty/staff members to be the club advisor/sponsor. Find someone who has a particular interest in team-building and 21st century skills


Look for a group of students —each with their own unique skills, ideas and interested in working together with their peers to build a team to set goals, develop and create projects for academic, artistic, or cultural enrichment opportunities

Compile a list of 15-25 friends, future friends and referrals from friends that might be interested in learning more by attending an interest meeting you will host.

At your upcoming interest meeting this is the time to generate names/signatures of students who want to bring LeverageHER club to your school/community center

Sample forms to use

LeverageHER Form - Club Advisor Wanted

LeverageHER Form - Why Join

LeverageHER Form - Interest Meeting Agenda

LeverageHER Form - Club Constitution


Section 1: Complete all the required documents and approval deadlines to establish a club or renew a club at your school/youth center. Ask your club advisor/sponsor to review your paperwork and submit the documents for final approval to the administration or the staff in charge of starting and renewing student-led clubs.

Here are a FEW things you might need for assistance in filling out the paperwork your school/youth center will need to start/renew a club

(Club Meeting Form) LeverageHER - Club Constitution

  • As a national organization we will require approval from the principal/administration or any authorized signatory to review and sign the LeverageHER Club Authorized Signatory Approval Form NOTE: Let the administrator or the staff in charge of starting and renewing student-led clubs know that once they approve your club they are required to sign an approval form - To ensure we can support your principal/administration in this process here is our email for questions

  • Once we receive approval, we will add your LeverageHER Club to the list of approved LeverageHER Club sites for you to get started and for your peers to register for their club membership

Section 2: There is a non-refundable LeverageHER Club Membership Fee, and club members are expected to pay a one-time initial club fee of $10 per club member. The national organization takes care of this process, No monies are to be exchanged at the local club level

Here is the link for club members to signup

NO club dues are required to participate with the LeverageHER Club. It is suggested that all club members bring their own supplies and bring supplies to donate to build coworking stations for everyone to use. We will go over creating coworking stations for a successful LeverageHER Club during our training

Once all club members have paid their membership fee you will be sent a list of paid Club Members

For a great start to a LeverageHER Club, be sure to use these great resources

Review the LeverageHER Club Starter Guide

Fill out the Future LeverageHER Ambassador Request Form