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You will represent LeverageHER Club throughout your SENIOR year in High School 

Read the LeverageHER Club - Starter Guide This will help you get started on learning more about building a LeverageHER Club. Read the LeverageHER Club - Founding Ambassador Request Form Guide this will assist you in completing the Founding LeverageHER Club Ambassador Request Form.

Check in your school/youth center office to learn more about starting a club. Ask for a list of clubs to determine if a club similar to LeverageHER Club is active. If no existing club matches our mission and workshop activities then request the appropriate registration forms. Note: All clubs are student-initiated so be ready to give 105% effort to get your club up and running

We are eager to support your effort to start a LeverageHER Club by providing resources to help you succeed!!

Time Commitment: Ambassador roles and responsibilities will require one-year commitment.

Need Help Getting Started?

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A parent or guardian must read/sign this form with student